Start planning your new website.. now

If you are planning on having a new website this fall, you need to start planning now

In just about every article I write I talk about how important planning is. Everyone knows a good plan leads to good results. And when it comes to websites, this couldn't be more true.

Though we can have a basic website up in just a few weeks, if you are looking for complex functionality or ecommerce, you need to start planning now. Starting now will give us time to plan out exactly what you need, create a design and modify it to your liking, code the website, test, test, and test some more, and finally go live on time. Read more about our website development process on our 6 step web development process page.

Why should I start so soon?

You might be thinking to yourself, is he crazy? Why should I start planning so soon? In my experience working for website design and development companies I have learned a lot about the importance of starting website projects early. Especially over the summer, with people going on vacation it can be difficult to maintain good communication to keep the project moving.

This doesn't mean that you should just wait until the fall. Start now and get the ball rolling so you have enough time to test properly and add or change functionality. Even if you may be on vacation for a week, we can continue to work and make progress so that your website is completed on time.

Contact us and get started

Don't wait. If you are planning on having a new website for the fall, or even for the new year, you need to get started planning it now. Contact us and we would be glad to help you start planning you new website.

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