A Way Good Website Re-Design for WheyGood Nutrition

WheyGoodNutrition.com Gets a Facelift and Some Search Engine Optimization

As a developer, it's painful to visit a website that looks bad. It's even more painful to look at the code behind the scenes and see that it's a disaster. WheyGoodNutrition.com was stuck in both of these unpleasant situations. The website was cluttered, hard to read, and the HTML was atrocious.

I wasn't going to let the website stay in this state. I was originally contacted to add some text and make some content changes. Without even looking at the code behind the site I said "sure I can make those content changes, no problem". Boy was I mistaken.

Cleaning the HTML

The first thing that needed to be done was to clean up the HTML. Inline styles were used all over the website and everything was absolutely positioned. Needless to say, that had to go. So I switched the website to use external stylesheets and php to include common files like the header, footer, and menu to keep everything neat and consistent.

Search Engine Optimization

The HTML was not coded in a fashion that made it easily crawlable by search engine spiders. There was no meta data and the content did not make use of heading tags or keywords. This basic search engine optimization will help the site get indexed by search engines.

Re-Designed Products & Order Page

WheyGoodNutrition.com uses paypal to allow customers to place orders. The original setup made it impossible for customers to change quantites when on the paypal website. If you chose you wanted 2 on the website, that's what you were getting.

The new code allows a customer to specify exactily how many batches of muffins they want. Adding space to the page and content makes it easier to read and easier to decide that you want to buy a batch of muffins.

Setup for a Successful Website

I believe these changes will help WheyGoodNutrition.com to become a more successful website. Wth the regular addition of new content, some monthly search engine optimization, and online marketing the website is sure to be a hit!

Visit WheyGoodNutrition.com and check out the all new website.

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